Snack news from Ocean Spray: Crunchy Cranberries™

Crunchy fruit snacks are all the rage – and our partner Ocean Spray recently added Crunchy Cranberries™ to its portfolio. This innovative version is a healthy alternative to potato chips and is an excellent choice as a crunchy ingredient in mueslis, chocolate, salads, yoghurt and many other foods.

Ocean Spray is always good for a sensational novelty. For 25 years, the cranberry specialists from the U.S. East Coast have been among Bösch Boden Spies’s selected suppliers. The latest coup from the Americans: Crunchy Cranberries™.

Thanks to a new drying process developed by Ocean Spray, the berries remain permanently crunchy –which is precisely the texture and taste experience that many consumers are looking for nowadays.

Crunchy benefits for consumers and manufacturers

Surveys by the market researchers at Innova Market Insights show that ‘crunchy’ has been the most popular texture in snacks, cereals, dairy, confectionery and bakery products worldwide for the past 5 years. The number of product launches featuring crunchy ingredients increased by a crackling 72% between 2012 and 2017. The latest product innovation from Ocean Spray satisfies this appetite of consumers. And manufacturers benefit from the strengths of the ingredient in several ways:

Crunchy Cranberries™

  • remain crunchy even in milk, yoghurt & co.
  • offer cost advantages: more berries per kg.
  • contain less sugar and calories per serving than conventionally dried cranberries.
  • are perfect for chocolate coatings.
  • facilitate the handling process because they hardly stick together.
  • easily last 12 to 15 months.

Crunchy Cranberries™ turn eating fruit into a snack experience

The special process preserves the freshness typical of cranberries along with their sweet-and-tart aroma. Mueslis, dairy products and salads, as well as trail mixes are given a wonderful infusion of freshness and an exciting blend of texture mix. Their special crunch effect can even be a healthy alternative to potato chips and other snacks, because Crunchy Cranberries™ also taste pure.

The berries are dried using a novel process and are highly versatile. They  are scheduled to be available from Bösch Boden Spies starting in the second half of 2018. Our development experts will be happy to create individual application solutions together with interested food producers. For further information, please contact Tim Richardsen.