Food-Trends 2019

2019: From Niche to Mainstream!

In 2019, it is no longer the giants that are setting the trends in the food industry, but smaller manufacturers and developers. They are gaining significant market share thanks primarily to creativity, individuality, and specialization. The trends of recent years will continue in 2019 and are evolving rapidly. An overview.

Niche products are gaining a new significance. Enlightened digital age consumers increasingly want individual, high-quality, healthy diets. The logical consequence is market fragmentation. A challenge that offers opportunities and spawns trends.

The redefinition of beverages: New beverage concepts

Never before have drinks consumers been so keen to experiment, and this is probably only the start. They love new flavors, small labels, and reduced-sugar products. Non-alcoholic beverages are booming! Young people in particular, but also many older people, are eager to reduce their alcohol consumption. This is going to be a year for innovative juice producers.

Eternal truth: You eat with your eyes

Colorful, attractively designed, and innovative – that is how packaging should be in 2019. The same goes for its contents. But the colors must come from natural sources – such as fruit. A trend that meets the taste of creative product developers, and is completely in the spirit of Bösch Boden Spies.

Holistic health – You are what you eat

Good food, good mood! The key: a personalized diet. For example, through food with added health value – from high protein to reduced sugar. The trend towards wellbeing and happiness through healthy eating has reached the mass market.

Power to the plants!

A trend not only for vegetarians and vegans: fruit and vegetables naturally enhance the taste, appearance and health of a wide variety of foods and have outstanding image values. Consumers around the world are increasingly coming to realize that vegetable proteins are healthier than animal proteins.

Snacks or the power of convenience

People’s appetite for snacks continues unbroken in 2019. The frontrunners in the sales rankings are salty snacks such as potato and tortilla chips. Better-for-you snacks, i.e. snacks made from healthy, natural ingredients, are also gaining market share. Most Millennials snack daily. Anything that is tasty, quick to eat, and healthy has the potential to become a favorite snack and offers both opportunities and challenges for the industry.

Texture on top

Crunchy, crispy, creamy – and if possible, all at the same time: In 2019, surprising textures are a top trend. Fruit and nut ingredients from Bösch Boden Spies are natural sources for creating both simple and complex texture combinations. There are very few limits to the imagination.