Mission: Innovation

Product development in the snack area

As a product developer, how does one satisfy the steadily growing demand for new, surprising products? Developer and snack expert Christoph Wenzel meets this challenge in our Ingredients Technology Center (ITC) day after day. The specialist provided graphic insights into our innovation work at this year’s SnackEX Congress in Barcelona.

Studies in his workshop dealt with the various possible opportunities to achieve food innovations. The particular focus in this respect was on the four great challenges of Invention, Innovation, Improvement and Further Development.

Our aspiration: to always give the right answer

To develop new products, the decisive starting points are the needs of our customers in the European food industry and the European retail business.

From the very outset, we in Bösch Boden Spies accompany and advise our customers on the topic of innovations. We work together to develop individually customized routes leading to the optimum result.

In doing this, we place great value on naturally functional foodstuffs, because successful snacks need authentic ingredients from reliable, scalable partners.

Salty snacks represent a good example: they should be convincing through their intense flavor experience and attractive visual appearance.

From the idea to a new snack

Innovative thinking presupposes not only creativity but also comprehensive specialist knowledge about recipes, market movements and food trends.

According to Christoph Wenzel: “The first step when developing an entirely new snack product is to take account of current food trends.” As the expert explains: “Our customers often have quite specific wishes. For example, there is a need to expand target groups and opportunities for eating.” The result is convincing: in his workshop, Wenzel finally presents an ideal practical example – a functional bar with a high nutrient content for muesli fans and lovers of savory snacks. Innovation mission accomplished!