Acerola Cherries

The vitamin C world champion from Brazil.

Acerola Cherries

The acerola cherry is a stone fruit (or drupe) with white-yellowish pulp. The color of its skin ranges from green to red depending on the degree of ripeness. Eaten fresh, it has a pleasant, slightly sour taste. As it is very sensitive, the fruit is immediately processed into fruit puree or concentrate after harvest to preserve its valuable vitamin C.

The acerola cherry has one of the highest natural vitamin C contents of all known fruits – roughly 30 times higher than orange juice, which makes acerola an ideal product for strengthening the immune system. However, because the vitamin C content of the fruit decreases as it ripens, both puree and concentrate are available in various qualities with varying amounts of vitamin C, as well as in organic grades. In addition to healthy vitamin C, the acerola cherry also contains large amounts of riboflavin and is entitled to nutritional claims according to the European Health Claim and Food Information Regulation and/or EFSA expert opinions.

Acerola is used to enrich food products with natural vitamin C and is often mixed with other fruit ingredients. With its slightly sour taste, it is also frequently used in jams and dairy products. As an antioxidant, the multifunctional fruit also stabilizes drinks, ice cream, and fruit preserves.

Bösch Boden Spies acerola products come from Brazil. Our exclusive brand partner Niagro is the world’s largest acerola producer and specialist with over 25 years of experience, and responds to customer wishes with specific productions that can be realized thanks to the fruit’s year-round availability.


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    Our Brazilian partner Niagro, founded in 1992 by Japan’s Nichirei Corporation, is a specialist in acerola products. The erstwhile pioneer is now a...

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