Hamburg, September 10, 2021

Apple Crop Report, September 2021

We are happy to announce that the 2021 dehydrated apple season has started in Poland.

Growers started to harvest the early Champions variety which can be processed by our partner Zarecki Foods into dehydrated apple starting in week of 20th September. The main variety in Poland which is Idared, will be ready for processing in week of 18th October. As you can see from the enclosed chart, the Polish apple industry is expecting the second largest crop within the last 5 years.

The growing conditions for apple have been favorable throughout the season. Some regional frost events in April did not affect the apple trees and sufficient rainfall as well as an overall warm summer have contributed to the good crop expectations for 2021.

Out of the projected 5 million tons of apple, usually 50% are allocated for the production of juice concentrate, 30% for dried and frozen apple and only 20% get sold as fresh apple to the retail sector. This year though, hailstorms have damaged the apples in some growing regions, which could potentially result in a larger supply of apples for drying. Due to the larger crop in Poland, we expect that prices for dehydrated apple with skin from Poland could decrease by approx. 15-20%. Coupled with increased freight costs on vessel routes from Asia, it is possible that we can also compete with the less expensive apple of Chinese origin this season.

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