Coloring Apple Extract

Fruit-specific flavour and taste

Coloring Apple Extract

Herbasweet® is the neutral sweetness from the apple. Herbasweet is characterized by its light color and low acidity. In addition to the versatile applications, the processing properties also speak in favor of this type of sweetener; among other things, Herbasweet can be used in beverages, ice cream, fruit preparations, confectionery and much more. The declaration as “apple sweetener”, instead of sucrose, is an important selling point for your products.
Herbasweet has a moisture-regulating effect, for example, and thus supports the freshness retention of baked goods or fillings. It can also be used in products with 100% fruit content. In addition, Herbasweet is easy to process due to its comparatively low viscosity.
A targeted refining process removes starch, minerals and acids. This ensures a consistently high quality standard for Herbasweet, which is what makes this versatility possible in the first place.


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