AQ Plus Apple Fibers

Highly functional natural dietary fiber

AQ Plus Apple Fibers

Herbafood apple fibers are made from carefully-dried, de-juiced and freshly-harvested (and de-oiled) apples. Carefully selected raw goods are mechanically cleaned and ground to a pre-defined particle size. Herbafood offers a wide range of different fruit fibers in various ground sizes, from fine powder to course granules.

HERBACEL® Classic is obtained from freshly harvested apples which are gently dried after extracting the juice (and oils). Carefully selected raw material is mechanically cleaned and milled to defined particle sizes. Herbafood offers a wide selection of different fruit fibers in various particle sizes – from fine powder to coarse granules. The Classic fibers are characterized by the individual fruit-specific aroma which is mainly due to the high amounts of secondary plant substances as well as the remaining plant sugars. The proportion of soluble fibers, particularly pectin, is about one third, thus providing a balanced ratio of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers in terms of nutritional physiology.
Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple is a newly developed high functional fiber. It binds water in the ratio of 23,5 g water/g fiber. Due to its excellent cold swelling properties, Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple gives a nice pulpy texture which is the preferred hydrocolloid used for: soups, sauces and fruitprep applications.

An important advantage of Herbacel® AQ® Plus Apple is that there are no negative influences of pH, salt and sugar content on the waterbinding capacity of this unique fiber. It does not matter in which step of the production Herbacel®AQ® Plus Apple is added and therefore it is a very easy to use ingredient.


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