AP Plus Citrus fibre

Highly functional natural dietary fiber

AP Plus Citrus fibre

Herbafood citrus fibres are made from carefully-dried, de-juiced and freshly-harvested (and de-oiled) citrus fruits. Carefully selected raw goods are mechanically cleaned and ground to a pre-defined particle size. Herbafood offers a wide range of different fruit fibres in various ground sizes, from fine powder to course granules.

HERBACEL® AQ® Plus is obtained from freshly harvested citrus fruits which are gently dried after extracting the juice (and oils). Non-fibrous compounds such as plant-specific sugars, colouring and aroma components are carefully removed during several washing steps, whereby the natural cell wall structure is practically maintained. This results in neutral sensory properties as well as high water-binding and retention capacity and furthermore it improves the nutritional physiological and texture quality of the product. These high-swelling fruit fibres ensure longer periods of satiety, are beneficial for improving gut motility and stimulate digestion.

Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus is a high functional fibre which binds water at a ratio of: 25 g water/g fiber. Depending on the energy (shear) in the production process the ratio can be up to: 45 g water/g fibre. With this high waterbinding it is a real champion in the market for clean label texture and stability solutions. This makes Herbacel® AQ® Plus Citrus fibre very useful for the replacement of starches, guar Gum, xantan Gum, carrageenan and many other Hydrocolloids, to create viscosity and to stabilize the product during the shelf life.


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