Australian Premium Dried Fruits

Australian Premium Dried Fruits

Our partner Australian Premium Dried Fruits (APDF) is a producer of premium-quality dried-grape products. The young company was founded in 2009 and has its own cultivation areas in the region around Mildura in the state of Victoria. The area is well known, far beyond its borders, for fruit cultivation. Besides the products from its own plantation, the fruit processor also obtains grapes from more than 100 farmers it has under contract.

With its sultanas, sunmuscats, and currants, APDF serves the Australian domestic market, but also increasingly the global food industry and bakery segment.

The latter particularly appreciates the small fruit’s intense fruity taste, uniform bright golden brown, and natural sweetness.

The Australian company owns state-of-the-art production plants featuring, among other things, the latest laser scanners and color sorters. But APDF not only attaches great importance to the highest quality and efficiency in processing – our partner also stands for sustainable sourcing and long-term relationships with its farmers. Thus, the future-oriented company provides its customers worldwide with a solid foundation for successful, long-lasting partnerships.


BBS Partner
since 2015
Mildura, VIC, Australia
No. of employees
30 employees, 100 farmers
Type of company
Pty Ltd.
Sales markets
Mildura, VIC, Australia


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