Bösch Boden Spies at Anuga 2019!

Visit Bösch Boden Spies at Anuga 2019!

Come to Anuga (October 5 to 9 at the Koelnmesse in Cologne) and become a co-decision-maker at Bösch Boden Spies! How? Easy: We invite you to sample and evaluate trending new ingredients at two specially created Future Product Zones at our exhibition stands – and thereby help us decide whether to add them to our range. It involves the following products:

Haskap (Hall 8.1, B021)

The Japanese haskap berry is particularly rich in antioxidants and is being traded as a new superfood. At Anuga, we present the fruit in deep-frozen form.

Sea buckthorn (Hall 10.2, A080)

Sea buckthorn not only contains a lot of vitamin C but also vitamin B12, which is especially valuable for vegetarians and vegans. Sample the small berries as pure dried fruit or chocolate coated.

We look forward to your feedback! And we have things for you to look forward to as well, because besides the two candidates for our product range, we are presenting new variants of ingredients and innovations that are already part of our portfolio and cater to the latest trends:

Diced Crunchy CranberriesTM (Hall 10.2, Stand A080)

Following last year’s successful launch of Crunchy CranberriesTM from Ocean Spray, here comes a new product variant: Diced Crunchy CranberriesTM. They are easy to integrate in a production such as plain chocolate bars or ice cream as they are especially process-tolerant.

Acerola Tasting Station (Hall 8.1, Stand B021)

Together with our brand partner Niagro, we are presenting 5 innovative product concepts containing the vitamin C world champion – acerola berries – in the beverage, ice cream, yoghurt, and confectionery sectors. Have a taste and be inspired!

Visit our brand partners and us and discover our extensive range of fruit and nut ingredients:

Hall 8.1 Stand B021 (frozen fruits, fruit juice concentrates and canned food)

Representatives from Niagro, Oxford Frozen Food, Ocean Spray, Sunsweet, Terrafertil, and Quicornac will welcome you here.

Hall 10.2 Stand A080 (Dried fruit and nuts)

Representatives from Ocean Spray, Blue Diamond, Cherry Central, Australian Premium Dried Fruit, Diamond Foods, Oxford Frozen Foods, Sunbeam, Sun-Maid, Sunsweet, and Terrafertil await your visit here.

Please make an appointment with your usual contact person in advance.