Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Growers

California-based Blue Diamond Growers is the world’s largest producer of almond ingredients and the world’s leading brand for almond products. Founded in 1910 as a cooperative, the company now brings together more than half of all Californian almond farmers under one roof. The 3,000 farmers’ plantations, run for many generations, are located in the Central Valley, which offers ideal conditions for almond cultivation with its mild and sunny climate.

With more than 100 years’ experience, Blue Diamond Growers is a preferred partner of the food industry and markets its products throughout the USA, as well as in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Today, the erstwhile almond pioneer has over 1,300 employees and operates three state-of-the-art production plants with technology that is continually being developed and optimized. Blue Diamond Growers also has the highest standards when it comes to product quality and food safety, and is capable of delivering consistently high quality.

Beyond this, the company guarantees its customers a high degree of innovation through its Innovation Center. The best examples of this are the almonds in different flavors and shapes. As ingredients, they allow producers to serve the ever-growing trend towards unusual flavor combinations.


BBS Partner
since 1956
Sacramento, CA, USA
No. of employees
1.370 employees, 3.000 farmers
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Sacramento, CA, USA