Buderim Ginger

Buderim Ginger

In 1941, five farming families got together to share their ginger with the world. That was the beginning of Buderim Ginger. The cooperative has since become a private company whose products are known the world over.

The ginger roots produced for Buderim Ginger, known for their health-promoting qualities, come from Australia and the Fiji Islands. The subtropical climate provides the best conditions for high-quality products.

For decades, the food and retail industry has valued Buderim Ginger’s premium ginger for its natural mild spice.

As one of the world’s largest ginger producers, Buderim Ginger strikes a balance between tradition and modernity. The company draws on decades of experience, offers extensive customer service, and practices intensive product development and research with a view to the future.


BBS Partner
since 2016
Milton, QLD, Australia
No. of employees
420 employees (Buderim Group)
Type of company
Sales markets
Milton, QLD, Australia