The Hacienda Las Palma has a long tradition and has been owned by the Haeussler family since 1896. Here in central Chile, embedded in the mountains of the coastal region, the first walnut tree was planted in 1995, thus laying the foundation stone for the Calbu company. 13 years later, in 2008, the company sold its own harvest abroad for the first time.

Today Calbu processes the walnut harvests of 90 farmers and employs up to 450 people during harvest time. Calbu processes 50% of the harvest into walnut half and, with 1600MT, is the largest producer of hand-cracked walnuts in Chile. By manually opening the shells, Calbu walnuts achieve exceptional quality.

Calbu also offers walnuts in the qualities In-Shell, Machine and Machine Premium. The company processes a total of around 4000 MT walnuts per year.


BBS Partner
since 2019
Talagante, Chile
No. of employees
25 employees (450 during harvest time), 90 farmers
Type of company
family-owned company
Sales markets
Talagante, Chile