Cashew Coast

Cashew Coast

In the world’s largest Cashew growing area, Cashew Coast was founded in 2018 to improve the quality of life for people in Côte d’Ivoire and make the value chain of Cashews sustainable and fair which they do since their first harvest 2019.

Cashew nuts are sourced from more than 7,000 farmers in over 100 villages with 23 cooperatives trained by Cashew Coast from growing areas in the mid-north of the country. To ensure full traceability, Cashew Coast has implemented the SAP Rural Sourcing System, in which each grower is individually registered. This gives families in remote villages a chance to generate their income and consumers to ensure transparency of fair prices at farmer’s level.

The nuts are then transported to one of the two BRC-certified factories in Bouaké or Azaguïé, where a total of +700 employees, including 70% women (with a total of 45% in leadership positions), process them into cashews kernels of highest quality. This not only creates jobs, access to healthcare and education for Ivoirians, but also avoids the environmental impact of transporting the nuts to Southeast Asia for further processing, as it has been longtime the norm for cashew production.

Cashew Coast has already improved the lives of thousands of people. Nevertheless, the entire team works with passion and creativity to perfect the symbiosis of an excellent product, social fairness and environmental sustainability.


BBS Partner
since 1993
Azaguie, Ivory Coast
No. of employees
7,000 farmers, 700 employees
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Azaguie, Ivory Coast