Color is key

Color attracts customers – in the digital age, this basic principle has reached new dimensions. Foods with attractive colors are shared in millions of posts on social networks. Many ingredients from Bösch Boden Spies are fully in line with this “color is key” product trend: They naturally add color [to food].

Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are teeming with snacks and drinks in vibrant colors. In some cases, colorful, attractive food products achieve phenomenal reach on the internet and thus a perfect advertising effect. But it has to be natural. Customers no longer want artificial dyes. Many ingredients from our portfolio are first-class natural colorants. Here are a few examples.


Consumers love its bright red color: Its outstanding color quality predestines cranberries as a natural coloring agent. Dried, concentrated or frozen, our berries lend attractive touches of color to granola and bars, confectionery, toppings, drinks, dressings, sauces, baked goods, and much more.


This vitamin C miracle has a color-stabilizing effect in fruit preparations, meat, and baked goods. In our various application solutions, the acerola cherry also proves its abilities in combination with other ingredients, for example in fruit sauces combined with cranberry or grapefruit.

Wild Blueberries

The wild Canadian blueberries in the Bösch Boden Spies range are healthy, robust, and easy to process. Add to that their impressive deep blue to violet hue, which can be used to imprint their inimitable color stamp on a wide variety of foods, from desserts and smoothies to baked goods and dairy products.


As prune juice concentrate in sauces, the natural color of our d’Agen plums makes caramel color unnecessary. Fresh prune juice concentrate in ketchup ensures an attractive shade of red. Likewise, our prunes stabilize the color of dairy products such as fruit and chocolate yogurts.

Please feel free to ask us about other ingredients and specific application options.