Tiny berries for healthy enjoyment.

Cranberry<br />

These berries from North America owe their name to the similarity between their flowers and a crane’s head.

Cranberries grow on low, evergreen groundcover plants. Because they contain four air chambers inside, cranberries are harvested in a special way: The fields in which they grow are flooded. This causes the berries to break off the shrub and float up to the surface, from where they are gathered by suction.

Fresh cranberries taste sour and rather tart. They only gain sweetness and their characteristic cranberry flavor in a dried state, with the addition of sugar. Consumers value the berries for their versatile qualities: besides their flavor and bright red color, their health-promoting effects make the fruit a sought-after product.

The berries’ firm consistency and fruity flavor convey a full-bodied, fruity taste to granola and granola bars, confectionery, toppings, dressings, and sauces, and are also a component of cheese and pastry products. Whether dried, as a concentrate, frozen, or as an innovatively flavored fruit ingredient – in each case cranberries ensure accentuations of color and flavor.

Bösch Boden Spies is a trusted partner of the world market leader Ocean Spray, whose product range comprises more than 40 different cranberry products tailored to the food industry. The company was founded in 1930 by three independent cranberry farmers and is now a cooperative that unites more than 700 producers of the small red fruit in North America and Chile.


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