Ocean Sprays' newest Innovation

Worldwide First: Crunchy Cranberries™ by Ocean Spray

Crunchy fruit snacks are all the rage among consumers worldwide. As are Cranberries.

Hamburg, 20.10.2018 – At the international food fair SIAL in Paris (Oct 21-25), Ocean Spray and the Hamburg ingredient specialist Bösch Boden Spies present a worldwide first: Crunchy Cranberries™ Sweetened Dried Cranberries by the world’s leading cranberry producer Ocean Spray. Its distinctive feature: Thanks to a special process, Crunchy Cranberries™ stay crunchy for a particularly long time. This offers food manufacturers completely new application and innovation opportunities. The new fruit snack has been nominat-ed for the “SIAL Innovation Award 2018.”

Crunchy fruit snacks are a trending product – they are highly popular with consumers worldwide, and their popularity continues to grow. At the same time, the “texture” trend continues unbroken. Practically every product innovation features the crunch factor. Now the cranberry specialist Ocean Spray has combined these two food trends and created a new product: Crunchy Cranberries™. The new fruit ingredient combines the classic aroma and bright red of sweetened dried cranberries – and their functional advantages – with a lastingly crunchy texture.
The centerpiece of the innovation is Ocean Spray’s proprietary drying process, which gives the berries their “crunch”. The result: a fruit ingredient that offers food producers a whole host of benefits:

Crunchy Cranberries™

  • are easy to process and free-flowing
  • offer new application possibilities in snack and cereal mixtures thanks to their low moisture content (<5%)
  • have a very stable shape
  • have a bright red color
  • stay crunchy even in dairy products
  • Have a 15 month shelf life

Crunchy Cranberries™ can be used in a wide range of applications, for ex-ample in chocolate coatings, toppings for yoghurt and salads, in cereals, or eaten as a crunchy ingredient in conventional rail-mixes, as well as an al-ternative to classic snacks such as potato chips.

Nominated for the “SIAL Innovation Award 2018”

The official market launch of Crunchy Cranberries™ will take place at the SIAL food tradeshow in Paris from October 21 to 25. Crunchy Cranberries™ Sweetened Dried Cranberries have been nominated for the “SIAL Innova-tion Award 2018” and will be on display in the SIAL innovation area. Bösch Boden Spies will also be presenting the new product at its stand – Hall 5A, K200 – together with representatives from Ocean Spray.

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Philipp Stradtmann

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