CSR analyzed

Sustainability manageress Dorota Kollien

Continuous improvement succeeds only if existing processes are called into question. That’s also true of the important topic of sustainability, which our colleague Dorota Kollien has tackled in the form of extensive case studies. In this respect, the Sustainability Manageress works with the three pillars of sustainability: Ecology, Economics and Social Issues.

For this, she asks herself how comprehensively these are already being lived out, both in the company itself and at the product level. A perfect basis on which to implement systematic, long-term control processes that help us improve our sustainable activities.

At very close quarters: Dorota Kollien used fundamental insights directly from the company in her work. For example: Bösch Boden Spies together with the Center for Sustainable Leadership (ZNU) carried out a sustainability check with employees from a wide variety of departments. Afterwards, the results were discussed openly and were evaluated.

Sustainable solutions for our customers

The time has long gone when responsibility for sustainable action rested solely on the shoulders of suppliers themselves. We consider the topic of sustainability to be a holistic concern which we will continue to drive forward. That’s why Dorota Kollien also focuses on Hot Spot Analysis using five products to recognize existing problem areas and to develop starting points for solutions. A useful foundation on which to meet our customers’ requirements in the future as well.