Dairy Concentrate

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Dairy Concentrate

Dairy alternative products have never been more popular. If you are looking to create a new product or reformulate an existing one, our dairy concentrates are the right choice. The offer is a variety from pure deliciousness of real dairy to on-trend special non-dairy flavors.The dairy concentrates are derived from: Butter, Milk or Cheese. Based on a highly innovative enzymatic process, the fatty acid chains out of these basic products are taken out and concentrate. Therefore the Butter Buds has all functionalities of fat without having the calories.
As clean labels are becoming a necessity and not a trend, the focus is on shorter and cleaner ingredient lists. Butter Buds Food Ingredients offers food manufacturers and specialty food companies the on-trend, better for you concentrated dairy flavors and other flavor ingredients they need to succeed in today’s food and beverage marketplace. Committed to high-quality ingredients and customer service, Butter Buds Food Ingredients offers unique flavor profiles and functionality for delicious, healthy, imaginative products that sell.
The advantages of Butterbuds are that they enrich taste in fat reduced products, enhance mouthfeel, are able to balance out flavours and to mask off flavours and round harsh notes.
Therefore Butter Buds is more than only a flavouring products, it’s a true Natural Ingredients that improves the complete taste profile.


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    Fresh From Wisconsin-Established in 1979 ButterBuds ingredient expertise comes straight from America’s dairy heartland. As a family-owned company...

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