Non Dairy Concentrate

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Non Dairy Concentrate

Dairy alternative products have never been more popular. If you are looking to create a new product or reformulate an existing one, our dairy concentrates are the right choice. The offer is a variety from pure deliciousness of real dairy to on-trend special non-dairy flavors.

Butter Buds® Non-Dairy Specialty Products are a line of concentrated flavors that contain no dairy ingredients. Created with their proprietary enzyme modification process and a unique combination of raw materials, these products offer a variety of flavor profiles including dairy, bacon, cocoa and beer. They also offer many functional benefits. Healthy and cost-effective, the Non-Dairy Specialty Products help food scientists formulate tasty foods that address many of today’s nutritional and dietary needs.


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    Fresh From Wisconsin-Established in 1979 ButterBuds ingredient expertise comes straight from America’s dairy heartland. As a family-owned company...

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