Food Trends

The Trendiest Trend of Them All

“Naturally functional” is currently THE trend in the food sector. More than anything else, consumers want food, beverages and ingredients with natural and healthy added value. Bösch Boden Spies offers manufacturers great opportunities to successfully exploit this trend.

Natural ingredients with added value are booming

Trends come and go. The food industry is no exception. But one trend persistently tops the consumer request rankings: “naturally functional.” This concisely phrased trend reflects today’s zeitgeist like no other. It is the basis for most of the latest successes, and a fingerpost for any company in pursuit of growth.

Consumers and the media love stories about naturally functional products. Usually, additional claims aren’t even necessary to ensure a positive image and the desired product and brand awareness. Our fruit and nut ingredients cater for this top trend. The reason is obvious: Many Bösch Boden Spies products contain ingredients with health benefits “straight from nature.”

Tomato ketchup with prunes and goldenberries

Fits the trend for “health & wellbeing” and the increasing consumer demand for premium products. Prunes act as natural flavor enhancers, significantly reduce salt and sugar and score with natural fruit acidity.

Power Praline with pecan, goldenberry, and acerola

satisfies consumers’ hunger for exotic taste experiences and the new appetite for snacks. The unsaturated fatty acids and crunchiness of the nut, the incomparable taste of goldenberries, and the vitamin C powerpack of acerola cherries result in a delicacy that is both trendy and healthy.

Fruit juice with cranberry and acerola

30% less sugar than apple juice and much more natural vitamin C. The berries impart a fresh taste and a naturally vibrant color. This juice is the perfect answer to consumers’ desire for new flavors and an attractive appearance.

We would be happy to provide you with further product examples of the No. 1 trend “naturally functional,” as well as information on possibilities for developing products at Bösch Boden Spies.