Crunchy Cranberries™

A revolution for sweets and snacks: Crunchy Cranberries™

This innovative new product adds an extra “kick” to every chocolate and snack: Crunchy Cranberries™ from U.S. cranberry specialist Ocean Spray. Now in the Bösch Boden Spies range.

Hamburg, 20.01.2019 – A trending texture, bright red in color, extremely easy to use, and very versatile – Crunchy Cranberries™ are a revolution on the fruit market and for the confectionery industry! Because this particular crunch and these dried cranberries are unprecedented. And because you can use Crunchy CranberriesTM to enrich your product portfolio with a true innovation that caters to several top trends all at once.

Die Ingredient Innovation Cunrchy Cranberry sorgt für geschmackliche Highlights

Crunchy Cranberries™ fulfill all wishes

Consumers want crunchy enjoyment with high-quality ingredients, while manufacturers love ingredients that are easy to process. Our partner Ocean Spray’s new cranberry variant fulfills the wishes of both sides:

Crunchy Cranberries™

  • are mechanically very stable,
  • are not prone to dusting or breaking,
  • maintain their consistency during processing,
  • stay crunchy for 12 to 15 months,
  • attract/absorb less moisture than freeze-dried cranberries.

Revolutionize your products – get to know Crunchy Cranberries™.

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