Emblem Cranberry

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Directly from the farms

A business with heart, run by two passionate families. Their goal is to offer superior quality frozen berries. This is Emblem Cranberry. Emblem cranberries are cultivated near the freezing plant. More than 1,000 acres or 400 hectares of land allow them to cultivate over 25 million pounds (11.4 million kilograms) of cranberries annually. Emblem ensures the traceability and complete control of the fruit to offer a safe, singular, and quality product. From fields to customer!

Emblems mission is to maintain the highest quality standards and produce cranberries that meet the highest possible standards in terms of food safety. They ensure that their cranberries are available year-long and traceable from the field to the final product. In addition, they understand that customers want unparalleled service to guarantee their peace of mind.


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since 2019
Québec, Canada
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Québec, Canada