social projects

Dedicated to healthy meals in day-care

Our nutritional habits develop in early childhood. They often leave life-long marks on us. Not all children in Germany have access to healthy meals with fresh fruit and vegetables and other nutritious ingredients every day. The social project "Lecker hoch drei – Dinners för Kinners" from Hamburg has set out to change this by running a dedicated large kitchen, where people with and without disabilities work together to prepare high-quality food for day-cares. We are quite impressed and have been supporting the initiative for three years.

Locally social – Inclusion right at home

“Dinners för Kinners”, intensely supported by its sponsor Steffen Henssler, created about 24 new jobs, half of which went to people with disabilities.

A fresh idea: cooking uses the Cook&Chill method that preserves most of the nutrients in the food. The youngest children in many day-care facilities in the Hanseatic City can now enjoy balanced, and in particular tasty, meals with plenty of regional fruit and vegetables.

At the moment, the large kitchen offers 2,300 meals for 27 day-care facilities every day. In the long run, this is to be increased to 5,000 meals per day. We will gladly continue to support “Dinners för Kinners”, not only financially, but also with our know-how in the area of food.

Bösch Boden Spies supports other social projects as well, among them “Freunde des Hauses Mizpa” (“Friends of the house Mizpa”) in India and “Dance for All” in South Africa.