Trendpaper 2020


This remains a signpost topic. It relates both to a product’s environmental and social compatibility, and to its nutritional-physiological benefits. Companies have a greater-than-ever responsibility to make sustainability the centerpiece of their business strategy. The logical consequence: sustainable products with health-related added value will become the norm.

Value of texture

Crunchy, creamy, silky. Playing with a variety of textures knows no bounds in 2020, because an innovative texture in particular is what makes foods so exciting and enjoyable. It can even impart an entirely new image to known products.

Power to the plants

Total plant power! Due to the “veggie lifestyle”, plant components are becoming ever more prevalent in nearly all categories. Consumers want to integrate more vegetable and natural products into their daily life, without needing to sacrifice enjoyment. Product developers are confronted with almost unlimited opportunities.

Category blurring

Launching innovations, enlivening product ranges and thus gaining new purchasers – that’s what the “Category Blurring” trend is all about. A good original can yield very successful spin-offs that combine ingredients from various different categories. A big opportunity to break out into new markets.

Holistic health

The topic of Health is regarded even more holistically in 2020. Nutrition is also reputed to ensure greater wellbeing, energy and inner beauty, as well as positive effects on the digestion, and nowadays consumers are concerning themselves more intensively than ever with “ideal” nutrition.

Naturally functional

What am I eating? Purchasers are increasingly interested in all aspects of a foodstuff – from processing to individual nutrients. The focus in 2020 is on naturally functional ingredients and superfoods.


A real megatrend. Snacking is a gigantic driver for all categories. Whether it’s cheese, juice or chocolate – the snack-sized version of the original size will become a must-have for successful sales in 2020.

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