Category Blurring

A blurring of the lines between traditional drink categories inspires innovation to create new and exciting drinking concepts and hybrid products for experimental consumers.

Nektar Cranberry mit Basilikum Saaten

Functional Beverages

Consumers rush through their challenging everyday lives with a resulting great need for energy. At the same time, they long for ways to find relaxation and recreation. Food & beverages with naturally energizing ingredients on the one hand and calming or sleep-friendly products on the other hand meet both of today’s consumer needs.

War on Sugar

Rising numbers of consumers are aware of the sugar content in soft drinks. Along with government regulation producers are responding to changing consumer desires and try and a create low sugar alternatives with the same level of flavor quality

Nektar Acerola-Goldenberry

Connoisseurship & demand for premium

Value for money takes precedence over cost. Especially Millenials often tend to buy premium or luxury beverage products. Non-traditional and novel concepts and unusual flavors are popular as well as “real ingredients”, artisan style, and tailored to lifestyles products.