Chocolate and Confectionery

Innovation & Premium

Curious consumers are constantly looking for new experiences and adventures. With floral ingredients and herbal inclusions, chocolate manufacturers can offer their customers just that and at the same time give their latest product launches a natural image that is also eye-catching on the packaging in bright colors. 38% of consumers globally purchase premium/luxury food every day. 27% of global consumers like to experiment with flavors within buying chocolate, confectionary and desserts often.

Hello Beautiful / Choco Tec-Konzept

Texture & Looks

Brands are embracing new textures & colors untypical for chocolate products because consumers have a growing interest in multisensory experiences. Combining contrary textures along with vibrant colors creates new exciting concepts.

Guilt-free indulgence

With growing health conscience products with reduced sugar come into focus. Ingredients naturally low in sugar, sugar alternatives or protein or fiber based replacements grow in consumers’ interest. Additionally vegans and health enthusiasts find a widening range of free-from products as brands try and reach out for wider audiences: Dairy/gluten-free for guilt-free indulgence..

Vollmilchschokolade Rosine & Haferkeks