Dairy and Fruit Prepaparations

Familiar flavors in new formats

Creating a new product by simply changing the product format can serve to win back the attention of consumers. Dairy brands in particular change their usual product formats by experimenting with the shape or texture while retaining the original taste. A great way to create excitement within the consumer’s comfort zone.

Tailored to you- Personalization

Dietary requirements and pack size are key aspects in making consumers feel products are tailored to their needs. Products that meet lifestyles and health needs are becoming more popular and the choices are becoming more varied and divers. This opens up opportunities for brands to place innovative and customized products tailored for a wide range of different target groups.

Fascinating flavors & textures

Dairy consumers are more experimental now than they were two years ago.
Sour, tart and tangy flavors remain in the spotlight, fueled by trends in wellness, and an interest in exploring new flavors. Tangy, fermented foods, such as kefir, support and balance healthy digestive functions and gut health due to their potent probiotic bacteria. However, it is not just health claims that attract consumers to fermented dairy products, for some it is also taste. Curiosity leads them to try out new and exciting flavors and textures that take advantage of the trend towards both exotic flavors and healthy, fermented foods.

Plant-based dairy products

The growing interest in veganism drives the market for plant-based dairy alternatives. Varieties such as oat, almond, rice, coconut, quinoa and hemp and offers a wide variety of dairy alternatives. All products have slightly different tastes and so each alternative has its own target group and its own consumption possibilities.