Healthcare and Nutrition

Made for Specific Lifestyles

Many consumers are attracted to products that suit their lifestyle. This means that the tailored benefit for the end consumer is increasingly becoming the focus when creating new products. Tailor-made means much more than just concentrating on age demographics, for example. Entire lifestyles are to be served with new products & product positioning: For instance, a fitness-oriented consumer is offered a specific solution to achieve his or her goal of holistic fitness.

Popcorn-Cluster Cranberry-Mandel

Responsible Health

Not only do issues such as single-use plastic, packaging and the carbon footprint all have an impact on consumers’ purchases – the origin of a product’s ingredients also plays a crucial role.

Holistic Wellness

Modern consumers are time-conscious and lead a hectic, exhausting and stressful lifestyle. As a result, they are looking for health and hygiene products that are designed to comfort them, help them relax and feel good, and leave their everyday lives behind for a few moments.


The snack trend is not only gaining ground with conveniently packaged sweets or lunch on the go. In an everyday life that is becoming ever more hectic and fast-paced, consumers are also looking for solutions that are as simple and convenient as possible to maintain or improve their health efficiently.