Retail- from ideation to packaging

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Sustainable, craft and comprehensible

An increasingly popular consumer trend is the interest in unique products. Products and services should be more tailored to individual needs. But also the interest in where the product comes from and who you support by buying the product is growing. Retailers can benefit from this trend towards niche products and a fragmented product range in various ways, especially with regard to the range of specialized products. Also specialist retailers receive a boost from the trend towards organic products. The social aspects of better knowledge of product and its supply chain and the people behind it will be a long-term trend.

Healthier according to my daily diet

The health trend also plays an important role for retailers. “Free from” products are getting more present on the shelves and are now part of the core assortment of every retailer and discounter. Whether gluten-free, beyond meat or alternative dairy products – fragmented product ranges get the attention of a wide range of different target groups.

Product concepts