Consumers find products that cater to their individual health needs as well as personal lifestyles very appealing, which can simplify purchasing decisions. Millennials or women consumers are particularly attracted to personalization.

Mix it up

When it comes to ready meals and meal ingredients, there is a high willingness among consumers to try something new. They are looking for unique and novel products and flavors, not only to try something new, but also to share their unusual experiences online.

Veggie Twist

In times of increasing health awareness, many consumers are concerned about too few vegetables and fruit in their daily diet. Manufacturers can benefit by finding new ways to integrate vegetables and fruit into foods, making it easier to consume plant nutrients & fiber.

Meat Mimicking

While more and more consumers are trying to reduce their meat consumption for health, ecological and ethical reasons, many of them still do not want to give up tasting it. In response innovators are developing creative plan-based meat alternatives that come very close to the real thing.