Trail Mixes and Snacks

Fascinating Flavors & Textures

Traditional chips are still the most successful category in the savory snack segment. Their great appeal is mainly due to their crunchy texture. Texture, along with taste, is the recipe for success for a snacking product. The crunchier the better and even multi-texture in a snack is very popular. New flavors also count. The curious consumer wants to satisfy his joy of experimentation with new varieties.

Popcorn-Cluster Cranberry-Mandel
Frucht-Nuss MIschung Cranberry-Goldenberry-Brezel

Plant Based Superfoods

Snacks with health and wellness attributes are usually linked to their functional ingredients. Especially plant-based ingredients, such as pulses, nuts and fruits with special health halo are becoming increasingly important. The keyword is “naturally functional”: ingredients with an exceptionally good image can transfer this to the brand and open up new target groups.

Frucht-Nuss-Mischung Goldenberry-Ananas-Mandel-Pekannuss

Healthier Options

Claims like “reduced in” and ‘Free from’ represented the most prominent health & wellness product attribute for snacks Consumers rising awareness driven by the rising awareness of the health impacts associated with artificial flavors and preservatives in food products, which is prompting consumers to opt for snacking options that are free from such ingredients. This opens up and great opportunity for brands to present innovative healthier options.