Baked and chopped – Crunchy CranberriesTM

Consumers love crunchy snacks, as surveys by Innova Market Insights on the most popular textures for new product launches document. Our new Diced Crunchy CranberriesTM from Ocean Spray prove that this fashionable feature can actually be transferred to chocolate recipes.

It was created based on the recently introduced Crunchy CranberriesTM to be adjusted to specific production needs. Since the chocolate industry in particular needs very small ingredients, the Diced Crunchy CranberriesTM are additionally sent through a hammer mill that chops the product into small pieces. The result is perfect for further processing. Slow baking and a special drying method keep the cranberries crispy, fresh and aromatic for a long time.

The red extra for optimal product design

The dices, sized 1 to 8 mm, stand out with their attractive looks. The Diced Crunchy CranberriesTM are also used to effectively refine popcorn, bars, pastries, yoghurts, salads and ice cream.

This is a farsighted, creative procedure. Natural diversity of color and extraordinary enjoyment are loved on the market and open up sales potential. Beyond this, the crispy pieces are also perfect for use in baking, cereals or chocolate production.

Do you want to learn more about crunchy cranberries? Check out the video with our experts.