Holistic Path to a Golden Age

The goldenberry is the beauty queen of the nightshade family (Solanaceae). And its sales are growing rapidly. Bösch Boden Spies sources the refreshing fruit from Terrafertil, a family business in Ecuador that cooperates with hundreds of Andean farmers and supports them in many ways. A partner that suits our tastes perfectly.

Let’s just tell it like it is: Terrafertil is our idea of the perfect ingredient supplier. Why? At Terrafertil, it’s evident that smart, socially-minded people are at work here. The way they think, plan, and act can safely be described as sustainable and holistic – two decisive criteria in our selection of partners. As with all of our ingredients, when it comes to goldenberries, we place our trust exclusively in a single supplier – the best one.

Getrocknete Physalis stammen aus Ecuador und Kolumbien

Strong values and social responsibility

In 2005, three brothers and two cousins founded Terrafertil, a decision that would change not only their own lives. For as many as 2,500 farmers, the physalis harvest is a regular and reliable source of income since the family-owned business sources the fruit independently of fluctuations in the fresh fruit market at fixed conditions– this is existentially important in the fertile but rugged Andean region of Ecuador and Colombia. Probably the only thing more reliable is the weather, which makes harvests possible year round. Incidentally, the delicate lantern-shaped fruit cannot be harvested by machine – everything is done by hand.

Terrafertil acknowledges the tireless commitment of mountain farmers and local communities in its own way: by supplying seedlings and a lot of expertise, for example. The professional support they provide during cultivation and harvesting has an extensive, sustainable impact. In this way, Terrafertil saves fruit producers from having to make extensive investments of their own, and maintains product quality at a premium level. We see this time and again on site visits during harvest and to processing plants. Bösch Boden Spies has relied on Terrafertil since 2012, and we are probably only just at the beginning of a golden age of physalis.