Taste: Tutti Frutti. Vitamin C content: one of a kind.


The guava is a berry fruit in the myrtle family of plants. Its inside has a fleshy consistency and contains many seeds.
Guavas are native to the tropical regions of the American continent, but are also cultivated in South Africa, West India, and some Mediterranean countries.
The taste of the guava is difficult to describe – it is very close to a good mix of fig, pear, quince, and strawberry. Real guavas grow on trees that reach an altitude of up to 13 meters. The fruit is ripe for harvest three to four months after flowering.
Guavas are impressive for their abundance of important minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron) and high vitamin C content: 100 g of the fruit deliver a whopping 273 mg – four-times the content found in kiwis. One ripe fruit can deliver the vitamin C requirement for up to nine days.
The puree of this healthy fruit should really be prescribed for health. We source it from our longtime partner Granor Passi.


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