A wealth of ideas

Creative methods to develop a novel product

A passion for innovation, partnership and expertise – a concept that we at Bösch Boden Spies live to the full every day. But in our sector of industry, how does one set long-term market trends, how does one acquire an instinct for the right natural raw ingredients, and which segments will be especially relevant in the future?

Questions that make a difference to our customers as well, of course. That’s why we invited partners from the whole of Germany to an innovations workshop in our company in June. Thrilling: the 12 participants came from entirely different segments of industry, so they were able to network perfectly in the shared workshop, and gained interesting insights into other sectors.

After a clear introduction to the competitive environment and current snacking trends, the four motivated teams immediately got to work. Our innovation workshop focused on the topic of “Category Blurring”, i.e. blending and merging segments to create added value.

How are trendsetters invented?

The objective was to use a special creative methodology to develop new snacking concepts. A real challenge, because of course the committed participants had to keep in mind pricing structures, target groups, raw ingredients, trends, packaging and functionality at the same time.

The impressive results spoke for themselves: the teams proudly presented their snacks – from crispy bars and fruity sticks to various kinds of spreads. Finally, as a culmination at the end of the long workshop day, the imaginative product developers received certificates to take home with them.

Feedback from the participants was entirely positive, so we plan to offer this enriching format three times a year in the future. Thus in the long term, we want to establish an international, cross-segment platform for effective networking within the sector.

Would you also like to gain inspiration in one of our forthcoming workshops? Please come and visit us!