Trends & Impulses

Ingredient Technology Center -
Ideas that work

Without creativity, nothing would work in today's food industry. This is perfect for Bösch Boden Spies. At our in-house Ingredient Technology Center (ITC), our ingredient experts develop original ideas, from which they forge high-quality application solutions and ready-to-use products for manufacturers.

Humankind is a curious species: we keep wanting to experience new things. This fundamental trait of our nature shapes the modern food market as well. Worldwide. Consumers love new flavors, natural raw ingredients, clean labels, and functional value-adds. Since the beginning of the year, three letters at Bösch Boden Spies have come to stand for this desire for all things new: ITC. With our new Ingredient Technology Center, we are more creative than ever before, and have established ideal conditions for innovation:

  • Worldwide trend scouting.
  • Individual product solutions and consulting.
  • Product development tailored to manufacturers’ requirements.
  • Consumer-friendly application solutions.
  • Marketing and product concepts.
  • Customized application consultation.

Cutting-edge Innovation Workshops

When top experts work as a team, they really make things happen – witness our company’s tremendous development especially in the new millennium. By establishing the ITC, Bösch Boden Spies pools its wide-ranging expertise and sets new standards in the ingredients sector. And yet the ITC is not a secret, restricted zone, because creativity thrives on an exchange of ideas and opinions.

At the innovation center, our product developers present new applications to clients. Half-day workshops also let them peek into the laboratory and kitchen, tell them more about the advantages of relevant ingredients and enables them to test applications. For 2018, individual 2-day innovation workshops are planned at the ITC, where product developers, sales representatives and marketing managers from our suppliers and producers work with Bösch Boden Spies specialists to develop new application solutions.