Its origins make all the difference.


Most people, when they think of ginger, think of Asia. Not many know that ginger is also cultivated in Australia. With an annual production of 8,000 tons, the country supplies less than 1% of the world’s ginger, but its contribution makes all the difference in several respects.

For instance, our partner Buderim Ginger, Australia’s largest producer and market leader, specializes in the production of confectionery ginger. As a syrup, pureed, or candied (diced after being freshly drained, or dried with a light dextrose coating or crispy crystal sugar), ginger can fully unfold its potential as an ingredient in innovative snacks, chocolates, baked goods, or beverages. Buderim Ginger also mainly produces “Queensland” ginger, which has a more sophisticated, milder flavor than Asian ginger, with a slight citrusy note – qualities that are highly appreciated by the market.

Ginger also enjoys great popularity thanks to its health-promoting effects. Among the more than 160 valuable substances it contains are vitamins C and B6, minerals, and essential oils. These serve to stimulate the metabolism and actually inhibit enzymes that cause inflammation and pain – just like acetylsalicylic acid, which is why this miraculous root is also known as “nature’s aspirin.”


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