Innovative Concepts for
Demanding Consumers.

There are few sectors that are as strongly influenced by dynamic trends as the food industry. Globalization, mobility, health consciousness, and environmental awareness are changing consumer behavior. There is a high demand for natural ingredients, clean ingredient lists, functional added value, and ever new, inspiring taste experiences.

The development experts at Bösch Boden Spies translate these consumer requirements into innovative, lastingly successful product concepts. The key: not only are we familiar with the prominent functionalities of selected fruit ingredients, but we also know how to use them for a wide range of sectors and purposes.

Crunchy Cranberry

Fascinating fruit in a
trendy new texture.

The latest innovation from Ocean Spray. Crunchy Cranberries™ are slow-baked. They combine all the advantages of cranberries with a texture that is trending all over the world. Discover the perfect ingredient for a wealth of innovative applications.

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Discovering, understanding, and serving trends.

Because the market for food products is fueled by innovation and caters to consumers’ constantly changing wishes, it is important to identify trends at an early stage. We take a close look at them, which lets us point out new potential – both for producers and for food manufacturers.

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From functional ingredient
to innovative product concept.

From prune ingredients in barbecue sauces to cranberries in baked goods, and acerola cherries in multivitamin juice – based on the functionality of our products, the Development team creates new product concepts for the industry.

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