First climate-positive snack mix exclusively at Biofach

Growing and processing food more sustainably has a significant impact on the earth’s carbon footprint. That’s why numerous players in the food & beverage industry are already striving for climate neutrality today by avoiding food waste, systematically reducing their CO2 emissions, and at the same time investing in climate-positive environmental activities to compensate.

With the first prototype of an organic, climate-positive snack mix, B2B food ingredient supplier and innovator Bösch Boden Spies will exclusively present a solution approach for sustainable snacking at  Biofach trade fair in Nuremberg (July 26-29).

The basis for the 175-gram blend in organic quality are cranberries from the U.S. farmer cooperative Ocean Spray and cashews from the African producer Cashew Coast from the Ivory Coast. “Both producers have made enormous efforts in recent years to make cultivation and processing traceably more sustainable,” says Patrick Bösch, director of global partner management at Bösch Boden Spies.

Bösch Boden Spies worked with packaging specialists FuturePackLab to develop a sustainable packaging solution. “Our packaging features increased recyclability, conservation of resources through the targeted use of mono-materials and the elimination of printing ink, an overall reduction of 14 percent in energy factor and 20 percent in CO2,” said Syster Tjarks, managing founder of FuturePackLab partner Popular Packaging.

“We offset the CO2 emissions remaining today for the 175-gram snack mix by financially supporting climate-positive environmental activities selected and monitored by our external partner ClimatePartner,” said Dorota Kollien, Director Quality-Management & Sustainability at Bösch Boden Spies.

More than climate neutral: “To make a positive contribution to the climate, we overcompensate the carbon footprint of our cashew-cranberry blend by at least 10 percent. Our goal is to consistently further reduce the need for this offset in a joint effort with our suppliers,” says Bösch Boden Spies Co-CEO Dr. Philipp Stradtmann.

“We are aware that in the current situation, consumers are particularly price-conscious in their purchases. Nevertheless, the need to consume more sustainably will continue to increase in the medium term. For this, industry and retail need convincing product innovations,” says Stradtmann.