It's a match

Complete package

Turn one into two! We recently began offering our customers walnuts and pecans as a clever “complete solution” from just a single partner, because our previous two suppliers of these healthy nuts – Diamond Foods and National Pecan – have merged and are now called Diamond Foods. A thoroughly positive innovation for our customers, because this merger considerably simplifies numerous processes, e.g. order execution, transport and shipment.

Multitalented for a healthy diet

Fortunately, anyone looking for crunchy ingredients for nutrient-rich recipes will find the right source with both walnuts and pecans from our Californian supplier. Among health-conscious consumers, both of these nuts score points as a protein full of dietary fiber and with impressive benefits. That’s why these crunchy superfoods are an ideal supplement for numerous snacks and baked or confectionery products.

Pecans are especially impressive due to their rich antioxidants content, which surpasses the amount contained in all other nuts There’s no lack of antioxidants in walnuts either, but they also possess another “wonder weapon”. Among all nuts, walnuts actually contain the largest amount of linoleic acid. One hundred grams of walnuts contains around 7,500 mg of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

In practice: this superb match of pecans and walnuts arrives punctually at harvest time, so we are starting a promising new season together with our “new” partner.