Les Bleuets

Les Bleuets

Since 1984, the Les Bleuets Sauvages du Québec consortium has devoted itself to the international marketing of Canadian wild blueberries. Unique in their strong color and sweet flavor, the fruit is native to the country’s Québec region and Atlantic provinces, where the farmers’ association farms one of the largest cultivation areas in the world.

Thanks to a large and wide-ranging network of partners, as well as many years of experience, the company is one of the leading suppliers of the berry, which it sells to the food industry worldwide. It is also the world market leader in the organic segment.

The most important quality feature for Les Bleuets is the naturalness of the product. Thus, the company is committed to nature conservation and invests in modern technologies for environmentally friendly, low-emissions processing.

Professionalism and progress are other hallmarks of Les Bleuets, which was the first company to ensure the complete traceability of its fruit through the use of bar codes. It has its own laboratory and invests in product research, and supports its farmers in financial and IT matters. Taken together, all these factors make Les Bleuets a strong, progressive, and valued partner for its customers all over the world.


BBS Partner
since 1973 with the previous cooperative of Les Bleuets
Saint-Bruno, QC, Canada
No. of employees
450 employees
Type of company
Sales markets
Saint-Bruno, QC, Canada