Melon Brothers

Melon Brothers

Melon Brothers is a specialist in cold-pressed, 100% natural watermelon NFC juice from locally sourced Greek fruits. It was founded in 2018 with a mission to bring the ultimate summer flavors to the consumers no matter the season or geographical location. So, while the main crop of watermelon is from July to September, the cold pressed juice makes watermelon available all year round.

In their own modern juicing facility outside of Thessaloniki, Greece, the watermelons are first hand-peeled before they are cold-pressed. Without the taste of the rind, the result is a superior product in terms of flavor and quality.

Melon Brothers practices an artisanal approach, in which at every stage of the production process a person is involved. This ensures that they are present at every step – from field to bottle.

With high commitment to sustainability and environment they strive to manage any by-products responsibly. All watermelon waste is donated to local animal farms as highly nutritious and fresh feed: a true win-win!


BBS Partner
since 2021
Thessaloniki, Greece
No. of employees
6 employees
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europe, worldwide
Thessaloniki, Greece