Morning Star

Morning Star

Emerging from a small transport company founded in 1970, Morning Star has developed into a global market leader among tomato processing companies in just a few decades. More than 300 farmers supply the raw ingredients for the company from Central Valley, California.

The cooperative markets its products worldwide and offers comprehensive services, including laboratory analysis, market monitoring, and technology consultation.

Morning Star is also aware of its responsibility to the environment and society. The company is committed to ensuring resource-efficient, environmentally friendly production with state-of-the-art technology, and its sustainability program covers the entire value chain from cultivation and farmers, to production and employees, to packaging, transport, and consumers.

A special feature that has made the company well known beyond the food industry is its liberal management approach. The employee principles that have been in place since the company was founded focus on independent working and jointly formulated goals, so that Morning Star largely manages without management. This principle continues to prove itself and contributes essentially to putting the original vision into practice, namely that of creating the most efficient and modern tomato processing factory in the world.


BBS Partner
since 2007
Los Banos, CA, USA
No. of employees
400 employees, 300 farmers
Type of company
Sales markets
Los Banos, CA, USA