Bösch Boden Spies reinvents itself

The New Bösch Boden Spies: ‘360° food solutions’

bolasco no longer exists as a standalone brand. On September 15th, our longstanding innovation subsidiary with all its service departments was officially incorporated into the Bösch Boden Spies brand. A step into the future.


One thing is clear: All employees, and all of their expertise, will remain at our – and your – service. By returning to our structural origins, we sharpen the Bösch Boden Spies profile and offer you an even better service portfolio. bolasco’s core competences – import and development – will continue to be available through our 6 Bösch Boden Spies divisions:


The new Bösch Boden Spies gives customers and partners everything from a single source: ‘360 ° food solutions’.

In with the new! And keep what’s good

In the year 2000, Bösch Boden Spies had approximately 30 employees. Today, our headcount exceeds 100. We have evolved into a full-service agency. The restructuring reflects this change, and so does our new look: We have given Bösch Boden Spies a contemporary logo and a new website. We invite you to visit www.BoeschBodenSpies.com – we’re confident you will find it well worth your while.

You do get to keep your familiar contacts at our company – they will be more than happy to provide you with further information about the new Bösch Boden Spies.