Hamburg, July 28, 2021

Oregon Hazelnut Crop Update - July 2021

We received a market update of our partner Hazelnut Growers of Oregon abt the latest weather events and possible influence on the coming crop in Oregon.

We all wondered if 2021 would be as unprecedented as 2020, and we believe it may be another unpredictable year!

In February, Oregon experienced an ice storm that we had not seen the likes of in 40 years. In addition, we had a record breaking heatwave in late June that made all of us Oregonians thankful for our mild, rainy climate. We’re just not used to the extreme heat and neither are our agricultural crops.

There is definitely visible damage on the hazelnut orchards from the breakage of tree branches due to the weight of the ice and leaf and nutlet burn from the intense sun.

February Ice Storm:

June Sun Impact:

The initial Oregon crop estimate was released at the end of May, at the INC (International Nut & Dried Fruit Council) conference, predicting 54,500 metric tons (inshell weight). This is felt to be conservative and to be reflective of the ice event. Now we’re attempting to estimate the impact of the heatwave.

Our Grower Relations Manager has been traveling to our grower orchards during these unexpected weather extremes to evaluate the trees, and try to predict what the crop may be like this Fall. There are many unknowns but what we do know for sure is there will be nuts and lots of them.

When the hazelnut trees experience extreme heat the trees shut down and go into survival mode vs. kernel development. It is thought the older orchards may do better as they have extensive root systems established and the orchards receiving irrigation may also be less impacted.

What we don’t know is how these events will impact next year’s crop with regard to pollination and yield. We will continue to evaluate the orchards and do early crack out tests to help us assess the yield and quality of the hazelnuts.

We will keep you posted as updates from the orchards become available and expect to be able to quote pricing for the new crop in August 2021.