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We stand for high-quality, natural raw materials and customized food solutions from a single source. From harvesting and processing to the supermarket shelf, we advise and support our customers with expertise, experience and success.

Our Products.

Functional Ingredients

Whether for sugar reduction, vitaminization, or fat reduction. Also a fortification of dietary fiber and the addition of plant proteins, up to the design of taste, color and texture. With our Functional Ingredients, we not only cover a wide range of market needs. We also address the core challenges of making food better, more plant-based and ultimately healthier.


Fruit & Nuts

Whether baked, dried, or preserved. As concentrate, direct juice, paste and powder. Also pureed, deep-frozen, blanched or completely unprocessed, we can offer you our product in all its diversity. So there is nothing that food manufacturers cannot get from us.


Our Partner.

Close partnerships with our suppliers are at the core of our business model.
We distribute the brands of the world’s leading manufacturers exclusively in Europe – and look back on many years of success stories together with them.


Healthcare and Nutrition

Made for Specific Lifestyles

Many consumers are attracted to products that suit their lifestyle. This means that the tailored benefit for the end consumer is increasingly becoming the focus when creating new products. Tailor-made means much more than just concentrating on age demographics, for example. Entire lifestyles are to be served with new products & product positioning: For instance, a fitness-oriented consumer is offered a specific solution to achieve his or her goal of holistic fitness.

Popcorn-Cluster Cranberry-Mandel

Responsible Health

Not only do issues such as single-use plastic, packaging and the carbon footprint all have an impact on consumers’ purchases – the origin of a product’s ingredients also plays a crucial role.

Holistic Wellness

Modern consumers are time-conscious and lead a hectic, exhausting and stressful lifestyle. As a result, they are looking for health and hygiene products that are designed to comfort them, help them relax and feel good, and leave their everyday lives behind for a few moments.


The snack trend is not only gaining ground with conveniently packaged sweets or lunch on the go. In an everyday life that is becoming ever more hectic and fast-paced, consumers are also looking for solutions that are as simple and convenient as possible to maintain or improve their health efficiently.


Trail Mixes and Snacks

Fascinating Flavors & Textures

Traditional chips are still the most successful category in the savory snack segment. Their great appeal is mainly due to their crunchy texture. Texture, along with taste, is the recipe for success for a snacking product. The crunchier the better and even multi-texture in a snack is very popular. New flavors also count. The curious consumer wants to satisfy his joy of experimentation with new varieties.

Popcorn-Cluster Cranberry-Mandel
Frucht-Nuss MIschung Cranberry-Goldenberry-Brezel

Plant Based Superfoods

Snacks with health and wellness attributes are usually linked to their functional ingredients. Especially plant-based ingredients, such as pulses, nuts and fruits with special health halo are becoming increasingly important. The keyword is “naturally functional”: ingredients with an exceptionally good image can transfer this to the brand and open up new target groups.

Frucht-Nuss-Mischung Goldenberry-Ananas-Mandel-Pekannuss

Healthier Options

Claims like “reduced in” and ‘Free from’ represented the most prominent health & wellness product attribute for snacks Consumers rising awareness driven by the rising awareness of the health impacts associated with artificial flavors and preservatives in food products, which is prompting consumers to opt for snacking options that are free from such ingredients. This opens up and great opportunity for brands to present innovative healthier options.




Consumers find products that cater to their individual health needs as well as personal lifestyles very appealing, which can simplify purchasing decisions. Millennials or women consumers are particularly attracted to personalization.

Mix it up

When it comes to ready meals and meal ingredients, there is a high willingness among consumers to try something new. They are looking for unique and novel products and flavors, not only to try something new, but also to share their unusual experiences online.

Veggie Twist

In times of increasing health awareness, many consumers are concerned about too few vegetables and fruit in their daily diet. Manufacturers can benefit by finding new ways to integrate vegetables and fruit into foods, making it easier to consume plant nutrients & fiber.

Meat Mimicking

While more and more consumers are trying to reduce their meat consumption for health, ecological and ethical reasons, many of them still do not want to give up tasting it. In response innovators are developing creative plan-based meat alternatives that come very close to the real thing.


Our industry specialization at a glance

We create additional value and sharpen our profile.
Divided into eight industry teams, experts from sales, product development, business development and marketing come together. What they have in common: Detailed knowledge in their respective industries and passion for their subject. Customers fully benefit from the concentrated expertise of the industry teams. It is also the only reliable way to guarantee the highest product quality, innovation and sustainability.

Chocolate and Confectionery

Innovation & Premium

Curious consumers are constantly looking for new experiences and adventures. With floral ingredients and herbal inclusions, chocolate manufacturers can offer their customers just that and at the same time give their latest product launches a natural image that is also eye-catching on the packaging in bright colors. 38% of consumers globally purchase premium/luxury food every day. 27% of global consumers like to experiment with flavors within buying chocolate, confectionary and desserts often.

Hello Beautiful / Choco Tec-Konzept

Texture & Looks

Brands are embracing new textures & colors untypical for chocolate products because consumers have a growing interest in multisensory experiences. Combining contrary textures along with vibrant colors creates new exciting concepts.

Guilt-free indulgence

With growing health conscience products with reduced sugar come into focus. Ingredients naturally low in sugar, sugar alternatives or protein or fiber based replacements grow in consumers’ interest. Additionally vegans and health enthusiasts find a widening range of free-from products as brands try and reach out for wider audiences: Dairy/gluten-free for guilt-free indulgence..

Vollmilchschokolade Rosine & Haferkeks


Baked Goods and Cereals

Novel & Experimental

Particularly the younger generation of Europeans often look for products that allow new sensory experiences. This was highlighted by different global surveys in which respondents between 18 and 34 stated that they like to experiment with new and unusual flavors in food products, especially in cereal products. To cater to this demand, manufacturers are blending together different flavors, launching innovative products with unique consumption experiences in order to appeal these consumers.

On-the go

Many consumers are leading increasingly busy lifestyles. They spend most of their time out of home either traveling or at work. In order to appeal to time-poor consumers, manufacturers are offering products that can be conveniently consumed while on the go, such as individually wrapped cereal bars or rolls. Ready to eat and 100% comfortable is gaining ground these days.

Natural & Pure

European consumers are highly aware of the harmful effects of artificial ingredients and preservatives. The demand for natural ingredients with claims such as “natural” and free from artificial ingredients and flavors is increasing. Various consumer surveys confirm that consumers prefer cereals and baked goods with natural attributes. Natural and pure are evolving into new standards.

Personalized health

Nowadays consumers more and more want to individualise their own diet. Therefore there is a growing demand in „made-for-me“ offerings like „gluten-free“ or „high in protein“ products.



Category Blurring

A blurring of the lines between traditional drink categories inspires innovation to create new and exciting drinking concepts and hybrid products for experimental consumers.

Nektar Cranberry mit Basilikum Saaten

Functional Beverages

Consumers rush through their challenging everyday lives with a resulting great need for energy. At the same time, they long for ways to find relaxation and recreation. Food & beverages with naturally energizing ingredients on the one hand and calming or sleep-friendly products on the other hand meet both of today’s consumer needs.

War on Sugar

Rising numbers of consumers are aware of the sugar content in soft drinks. Along with government regulation producers are responding to changing consumer desires and try and a create low sugar alternatives with the same level of flavor quality

Nektar Acerola-Goldenberry

Connoisseurship & demand for premium

Value for money takes precedence over cost. Especially Millenials often tend to buy premium or luxury beverage products. Non-traditional and novel concepts and unusual flavors are popular as well as “real ingredients”, artisan style, and tailored to lifestyles products.