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We are expanding our B2B
portfolio with the new
Infused Dried Fruits
from Ocean Spray®.

Following a strategic initiative of our long-standing cranberry partner Ocean Spray, we are expanding our infused dried fruit product portfolio. In this context, we are working in close cooperation with Polish fruit processor Zarecki Foods, in which Bösch Boden Spies has held a stake since September 2020. The new Beyond Cranberries range from Ocean Spray initially includes infused dried blueberries (cultivated), sour cherries and black currants in top quality from regional cultivation.

A big step

“We are very proud that Ocean Spray, as the global market leader, is expand-ing its product portfolio together with us and can now also offer other infused dried fruits from Europe in addition to the successful cranberries. This step is a clear commitment to the European market and our customers. At the same time, Ocean Spray is opening a new chapter in its traditional single product strategy,” says Dirk Schmidt, Managing Partner and Co-CEO of Bösch Boden Spies, who is responsible for the newly created Value Added Processing ser-vice area.

Let’s grow together

“We are looking forward to working with Bösch Boden Spies and Zarecki Foods on this strategic project, which will significantly expand our product portfolio in Europe” said Lee Doleman, General Manager Ingredients EMEA at Ocean Spray. “This is a unique opportunity for our historic brand to expand our portfolio to include more infused dried fruits of the highest quality and based on raw ingredients of safe European origin, leveraging Zarecki Foods’ state-of-the-art production facilities.”

A new quality
standard in Europe.

With this portfolio expansion, we are consistently strengthening our position as a leading B2B supplier to the food industry and the retailers in Europe.

At the same time, together with Ocean Spray, we are creating a new quality standard in the infused dried fruit sector.

State of the art technology
and Processing Power.

The production experts of the world’s largest US cranberry producer, with an-nual sales of 2 billion euros, have closely supported the expansion of fruit pro-cessing specialist Zarecki Foods in Poland in recent months. The result is an efficient and environmentally friendly production process that not only allows large quantities but also smaller runs, so that individual customer needs and specifications can be met at any time.