Fruity sweetness for various applications


Not all raisins are created equal. Ours come from California and are dried grapes of the Thompson Seedless variety. They are dried on the vine (DOV) or on the ground. They have a slight caramel flavor, from the fruit sugar caramelizing in the sun during the drying process.

Due to their low pH, their natural sugars, and the lower water activity, raisins are not very microbiologically sensitive, and fulfill the highest quality and specification standards.

Raisins are very bake-stable and versatile for use as an ingredient in fruit-nut blends, salads, cereals, and cookies. Their taste profile, too, makes them interesting for the chocolate and baked-goods industry. In the form of soft raisins – which have a 24–28% moisture content due to hot water-vapor treatment and do not have to be softened before processing – they are used in baking as well as in the yoghurt sector.

Raisins are also available in the form of concentrated juice and paste, as a natural humectant and preservative agent for the baking and flavoring industries.

Our partner Sun-Maid has more than a century of experience in the product, and operates the world’s largest raisin and dried-fruit factory. The company uses industry-leading technologies and state-of-the-art agricultural practices to guarantee a high level of food safety and quality.


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  • Sun-Maid

    With a company history dating back more than 100 years, California-based Sun-Maid Growers is a historic name in the USA dried-fruit market. Founded...

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