Superfruit Sea Buckthorn

A nutrient-rich new arrival – sea buckthorn from Hippocrates Farm

Our customers decided! Following very positive responses at the Anuga trade fair, we are introducing osmotically dried sea buckthorn into our product range with immediate effect. This intensely aromatic natural product in BIO organic quality is packed full with valuable constituents, and succeeds entirely without added sugar.

Healthy fuel for innovations

Sea Buckthorn bushes produce inconspicuous-looking oval fruits. However, their orange-red to yellow shells hide an amazing abundance of nutrients. The fruits contain around 190 useful substances. Sea Buckthorn has been valued as an aid to health and wellbeing since ancient times. The aromatic superfood contains antioxidants, amino-acids, minerals and the vitamins C,  B6, B12, D and E. Folic acid and  7- and 9-omega-fatty acids are also present. A strong complete package that makes sea buckthorn so valuable for the body.

Preserving goodness with osmotic drying

But how can sea buckthorn be preserved without destroying its many valuable nutrients? Our new partner Hippocrates Farm, part of the Rezos Brand, does it by using a special osmotic drying method involving a gentle drying process at low temperatures. This retains the original structure together with the vitamins, flavor, color and all the constituents of the Sea Buckthorn fruit.

That fits in with our principles! Sea buckthorn from Hippocrates Farm is is BIO organic certified. No additives or preservatives of any kind are added to the dried fruit, which is sweetened using concentrated apple juice.

Are you interested in the numerous opportunities for using osmotically dried sea buckthorn? Then we look forward to a discussion with you.